About us

The world’s energy crisis is a big problem because most consumers don’t realize their role in the crisis. When we see a wide-scale problem, we assume that the government is responsible for fixing it.

But, in reality, the government is limited in its actions as long as human beings continue to devour energy in such high amounts. We need to learn how to cut back our energy use as we replace the fossil fuels with sustainable solutions.

If you’re not sure this is a problem you need to face, just look at the cost of oil, gas and electricity compared to 10–15 years ago. Gasoline in the early 2000s was barely more than $1 per gallon in the United States. Today, it remains around $3 consistently and sometimes goes upwards of $4 per gallon.

Heating oil and natural gas also continue to skyrocket in price to the point that some families must choose between food and heat in the winter. No one should be forced to make that kind of decision.

As a Green Energy Group we are bringing to your attention the green energy solutions that exist and how you as consumers can take some of these on board and make a difference. Not only that you will also be able to save yourself money as well!